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Coimbatore: How many of you using the TN-SMART app?

By Team YourCoimbatore on 12th November 2021
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The Coimbatore district administration has requested the people to download  TN-SMART app on their mobile phones and register themselves to get alerts about disaster possibilities, warnings, rainfall and do’s and don’ts during the flood, among other things. This mobile application had been developed to disseminate alerts and it would be linked to an alarm system to all registered members.

Launched in October 2018, the Tamil Nadu System for Multi-Hazard Potential Impact Assessment, Alert, Emergency Response planning and tracking. TN-SMART app would also help the disaster management authority to plan appropriate measures to prevent loss of lives and damage to properties in each area based on the weather forecast.

The app would also help generate a database of people who are ready to help government officials with rescue work during disasters. Further, TN-SMART could be accessed online and through this, calls seeking emergency assistance could be registered and followed up.

An official said, “There is an option on the app to enrol as volunteers. We need public co-operation during the cyclone, flood and other disasters for rescue work. We cannot identify the right people for rescue work during an emergency. So, we are requesting people to download the app and register their names, address and other details.”

People should install this app which will help us during this monsoon. Also, it will organize the volunteers for rescue works.


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