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Coimbatore: India’s first Interactive webpage for diabetes launched

Coimbatore: India’s first Interactive webpage for diabetes launched

“Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of awareness about diabetes bring great health risks. If the presence of diabetes in a person is identified at a later stage, there are high chances for the disease to have affected other vital organs like kidneys. So awareness about diabetes is very important to youngsters. We are working towards that objective, and I firmly believe that saving a young diabetic saves a family,” said Dr Adityan Guhan, the Director of AGs Health Care Clinic.

He shared these words during the launch of, India’s first Interactive Webpage which is entirely dedicated to diabetes. It brings the ABC of Diabetes to the users’ fingertips. This webpage was launched by Dr Nirmala, Dean, Coimbatore Medical College Hospital in the presence of Dr Janani Adityan, Director, The Thol Clinic on Saturday.

The webpage has a voice-over link for all the questions (starting from what is diabetes to the final complications) and myths in common man’s minds.

The webpage has an exclusive SOS button which when pressed during emergencies such as hypoglycaemia when a person logs into the website and clicks on SOS the call will be directed to the institute, thereby enabling us to go to their location and give proper care/ guidance, a release said.

“The webpage has a diabetic risk calculator where we calculate the risk for individuals with a standard formula, which includes age, ethnicity etc. This is an activity to reach millions of young individuals who have no idea about diabetes but are the most vulnerable population due to rapid urbanisation and lack of physical activity,” says Dr Guhan.

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The Diabetes Risk Management feature presents before the users 7 simple questions; answering them provides a score that will determine the level of diabetes risk he/she is at. This will be an early warning and remind the person to act safely. The also webpage has so many useful diabetes management tips, myth-busters, dedicated space to Diabetes Facts and Updates, Diabetic Meal Planning, Recipes for Diabetes Patients, Diabetes Foot Care, Nutritional Facts etc.

Being slim does not mean that diabetes would not affect a person. Youngsters should do simple physical exercises, regularly and follow a healthy diet for a happy life.

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