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Coimbatore KG Engineering college students develop auto racing cars using AI

By Team YourCoimbatore on 7th December 2021
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Students of a private college in Coimbatore have designed a mini-car that will run automatically around a racing track using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Engineering students at KG Engineering College in Saravanampatti, Coimbatore have developed a small-scale racer called AWS Deepracer to operate on its own accord using Artificial Intelligence technology.

They have incorporated artificial intelligence technology that allows the car to operate spontaneously on the tile floor set up in the racing track i.e., it can sense the curves and turns automatically without any remote control.

Speaking about this invention, Correspondent Ashok Bhaktvatchalam said, “Students have incorporated artificial intelligence technology to design an automatic car and this is the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu”. He also said that as students develop new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, it will help us to develop in various fields.

AI Engineering student Trisha said that she has been doing this training for the last 6 months and added that cars made with this technology could be involved in racing.

During the launch event, the Director of ProcessMiner Chittaranjan from the United States at and Vishram Tatti, Trainer, Aws Academy of Amazon, addressed the students virtually. It was attended by many professors and students of the Department of Artificial Intelligence.

It’s feel good to hear that the creative inventions of students taking us to a better future and giving us hope that our country will get skilful youngsters.


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