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Coimbatore kid selected for Dubai’s Fashion show.

Coimbatore kid selected for Dubai’s Fashion show.

Rana Sivakumar

A 6-year-old boy from Coimbatore has been selected for the first-ever International Fashion Show to be held in Dubai. The child model Rana Sivakumar hails from Ramnagar in Coimbatore. He has been selected to compete in the finals of the International Junior Fashion Show to be held in Dubai. He also happens to be the first boy from Tamil Nadu.

While the boy’s father Sivakumar is a textile merchant his mother Gomati runs a beauty salon. Pointing out that Rana is a first standard student in a private school in Coimbatore, Sivakumar says that Rana has been participating in fashion shows since the age of three. He has also acted in modelling, advertising and short films.

“One of the fashion designers who came to my wife’s beauty salon a few years ago looked at my son, who was three then and said he is fit for the fashion show”, he adds. He wondered “why not send him to a fashion show”.

Rana, who participated in the fashion show in Coimbatore for the first time, won the first prize. It was greatly encouraging. He continued to participate in junior fashion shows in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Salem and Chennai. He has won national and state level competitions and has amassed more than 15 medals and awards so far.

He also attended a fashion show in Goa and won the award. Now Rana is participating in the International Junior Fashion Show to be held in Dubai on the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of this month. About 15 countries are expected to take part in the show.

Preliminary tests were held online. Stating that so far only foreigners were participating, he says that Rana, who has been modelling since the age of three, sculpted himself. He watched many videos and live fashion shows and improved on them.

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Upcoming generations are so talented and quick to touch the stage. The only thing we should do is to guide them on the right path.


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