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Coimbatore: Mock polling was done at the Passport Office

Coimbatore: Mock polling was done at the Passport Office

Passport Office

The mock polling for the upcoming urban local body elections took place at the Passport Office premises in Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore on Friday. Various officials of the corporation and representatives of political parties were present.

Mock polling on the electronic voting machines to be used for urban-rural local body elections in Coimbatore Corporation, Municipalities and Town Panchayats was held in the presence of the recognised political party representatives.
A total of 6618 voting machines are required for this election. 3332 machines have been received so far. Of this, 5 per cent was taken for mock polls. The event was attended by 10 BEL company engineers who tested the voting machines. Sharmila, the Deputy Commissioner of the Corporation, personally inspected the mock polling procedures.

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) Senthilkumar Rathinam and District Collector’s Personal Assistant (Rural Local Body Election) Santhanam were also present on the occasion. The officials said that already they had identified the required number of polling stations for the 100 wards under the Coimbatore Corporation.

“At present, the work of finalizing the number of voters in each ward is underway. Once the ward voter count is finalized, it would be kept for the public view and a copy would be issued to the recognized political party members,” the official added.

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People should be prepared for the Urban Local Body elections to select the efficient leader, not a politician.

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