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Coimbatore: Shanthi Social Services is taking the next step to serve people

Coimbatore: Shanthi Social Services is taking the next step to serve people

Shanthi Social Services

SHANTHI SOCIAL SERVICES is a Registered Public Charitable Trust founded in the year 1996 by the Founder Promoter & Ex-CMD of Shanthi Gears Limited (a Public Limited Company manufacturing Industrial Gears & Gearboxes), to commemorate the memory of his wife in the best and befitting manner. Its main motto is – “Service to Humanity is Service to God.” The Trust does not Solicit, Request or Accept any Donation.

The Trust’s main objective is to provide high-quality services to poor people for their basic – educational, medical & another day to day needs. Its sole objective is selfless services for the general public and not for making any profits in any form or kind whatsoever.
It has the following divisions:
Project Division – Education aid & support to Government schools, Child care development programs.
CDP School – Child Development Program.
Medical Centre – Consultation & primary medical care. Due to covid-19 currently by appointments only.
Pharmacy – Branded medicines at highly discounted prices with 24-hour service.
Diagnostic Centre – Quality services of medical testing with NABL accreditation.
Radiology Services – State of the art CT, MRI, Full Field Digital Mammogram, Ultrasound 4D, X-ray, OPG, & BMD (Dexa Scan).
Dialysis Services – World-class ultra-modern Hemodialysis services.
Blood Bank – High tech blood bank with the latest equipment for testing & issue of blood & its related components with 24-hour service.
Opticare Division – Provides Quality & Affordable Eye care services.
Canteen – Hygienic & healthy food at highly subsidized rates.
LPG Crematorium – For the cremation of the dead bodies with Ambulance & Freezer facilities.
Petrol Bunk – Supply of Right Quality & Quantity of Fuel with 24-hour service.

Now, Shanthi Social Services is taking another step to serve people. They have opened a canteen in Kuniamuthur, opp to high school. They will provide breakfast, lunch and bakery products at a low cost.

This is a boon to the Coimbatore people as many will get benefited from the Shanthi Social Services.

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