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Coimbatore: Vegetable prices soaring high in the city

Coimbatore: Vegetable prices soaring high in the city

Vegetable Price

The recent showers have shot up the prices of locally grown vegetables, be it tomatoes, ladies’ fingers, beans, brinjal, cluster beans and all gourd varieties.
Tomato, which is extensively grown at Thondamuthur, Nasiyapuram, Thenkarai, Nachipalayam and Theethipatti, has seen the highest increase of Rs 50 and is now priced at Rs 80 per kg, compared to Rs 30 earlier.

Kitchen budgets went haywire as one kg of tomatoes, lady’s fingers and beans were priced at ₹100 in the retail market. Tomatoes, which were already expensive and sold for ₹70 last week, hit a new high due to a dip in arrival. Residents noted that several vegetables were priced above ₹50 a kg in the retail stores and out of reach for common people.

Vendors blame the price hike due to inclement weather, shortage of availability of vegetables from the wholesale markets and an increase in diesel price. Onions are being sold for Rs 60 per kg and tomatoes for Rs 85 per kg. This is almost double the prices than it was last week.

With rainfall forecast for another two days, the Tamil Nadu government has urged people to stock up on groceries and essential items. However, it is a big question about how the common man can afford to buy vegetables when the prices are so high.

Sivaranjini, a resident of Nallampalayam, said the price of most vegetables had doubled, compared to two weeks ago. “I go for vegetables like potato, cabbage, snake gourd, elephant foot yam and banana, which are comparatively cheaper. While tomatoes are expensive, they are an indispensable item.”

R Velmurgan, a trader from Gandhipuram market, said it might take at least another couple of weeks for the vegetable prices to come down. “The prices will drop when vegetables from the district and neighbouring areas reach the city markets. By mid-January, prices of most vegetables will take a downward dive.

” He said his regular customers had cut down on the number of vegetables being purchased because of the price hike. “Sale of carrots and beans is good, although the prices are on the higher side. Many customers feel the price of vegetables grown in hilly areas is better, compared to that of the locally grown ones.”

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