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Corona positive for 8 teachers in Anaimalai Government School

Corona positive for 8 teachers in Anaimalai Government School

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Schools were closed last month due to the corona spread. Schools are open again. Corona testing was performed on teachers before schools opened at Girls High School.

Of these, 8 teachers were diagnosed with corona infection. This was followed by the disinfection of the school.

Further testing is to be performed on symptomatic individuals and those who have been in contact with infected teachers. Parents and students are alarmed as 8 teachers were confirmed to have corona infection within 2 days of the school opening. Education officials said: –

Anaimalai VDR There are 1,365 students in the girls’ high school. In this case, a corona examination was performed on 36 teachers working in the school.

Of these, 8 teachers were confirmed infected. Currently, there are enough teachers to conduct the lesson. Meanwhile, VDR is focusing on urban local election vote counting. The school has been notified.

Thus some classrooms have to be allocated for the counting of votes. Due to this, only 10th and 12th classes are being consulted full time and other classes on a rotating basis.

Teachers have been sprayed with disinfectant at the school following confirmation of infection. Steps are being taken to test those with more symptoms.

The corona was confirmed for a total of 160 people in the Pollachi area, 13 in Pollachi municipality, 15 in the Northern Union, 37 in the Southern Union, 60 in Kinathukkada, 7 in Sultanpet and 28 in Anaimalai.

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As such the corona distribution in the Sultanate area is declining. In the last one month alone, 501 people have been affected by corona. It is noteworthy that 320 of them have recovered from the corona.

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