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Corruption, One of the Colonial rule legacies. Let’s Voice against it.

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To Commemorate the Vigilance Awareness Week, The Anti-corruption oath was taken by Deputy Commissioner Dr. M. Sharmila, in Victoria hall campus, Coimbatore corporation building, to uplift the voice against corruption. Officials and workers attended the pledge-taking event.

This years’ theme is Independent India@75: Self Reliance with Integrity

Vigilance suggests ensuring honest and timely administrative action towards accomplishing efficiency and effectiveness of the employees in particular and the group in general, as lack of Vigilance leans to waste, losses, and economic decline.

Why corruption is not a Microscopic problem?

Corrupted economies are not apt to function properly because corruption prevents the natural laws of the economy from functioning freely. As an outcome, corruption in a nation’s political and economic¬†operations induces its entire society to suffer.


In India, Central Vigilance Commission is the nodal organization to vigil the bribe practices. It is not under the influence of any Ministry, directly accountable only to the parliament.¬†The bribe lists under the “white-collar crime”. It includes momentary and non-monetary gifts.

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