1st December 2021
  • 1st December 2021

Post covid symptoms and the care

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Half of covid survivors experienced lingering symptoms up to 6 months post-recovery: Study

Around 236 million people have recovered from the novel Coronavirus infection worldwide since December 2019. More than half of these people experienced post covid symptoms also known as long covid up to six months after recovering.

These long covid symptoms include tiredness, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, pain in joints, and loss of smell and taste. Roughly one in five survivors experienced a decrease in mobility.



The mechanism behind these lingering symptoms is not yet fully understood. Researchers believe that an immune system overdrive triggered by the virus can be the reason. Meanwhile, in Coimbatore, the number of fresh Covid – 19 cases in the city is gradually coming down, said City Health Officer Dr. Sathish Kumar on Friday.

The best way to deal with common long covid symptoms are post covid screenings, doctor check-ups, and tests are also helpful to ascertain your health and get the proper care. A good diet is a must for a speedy recovery.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent getting infected from covid and reducing your chances of breakthrough infections.


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