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Cow not giving milk: Bizarre complaint to police in Madhya Pradesh

By Team YourCoimbatore on 16th November 2021
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A farmer from the Bind district in Madhya Pradesh went to the police station complaining that he refused to milk his buffalo. The official said the farmer suspected that his buffalo calf was under the influence of witchcraft.

A video of a cow complaining to police about a cow in the village of Nayagaon appeared on social media on Saturday. “The villager, identified as Babulal Jadhav, 45, lodged a complaint at the Nayakan police station on Saturday, saying he had not been allowed to milk his buffalo for the past few days,” Deputy Superintendent of Police Arvind Shah told PTI.

The farmer who complained said he was told by some villagers that witchcraft had an impact on cows that were not allowed to milk. About four hours after the complaint was lodged, the farmer (Farmer) reached the police station again with his buffalo and again sought the help of the police, he said. “I had asked the police chief to give some animal care advice to the villagers. The farmer came back to the police station today and thanked the police for allowing the buffalo to milk on Sunday morning, ”Shaw said.

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