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Cyberwall challenges hacker connections

By Team YourCoimbatore on 27th December 2021
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The amazing discovery of a second-year student studying B.Tech Computer Science will protect you from hacker viruses. He has developed a firewall called Cyberwall to protect the link virus from hackers on mobiles, computers, and laptops. A B.Tech Computer Science second-year student in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh has created a cyber wall. This new invention is a challenge for hackers.

With this cyber wall security ring, data theft connections from mobile (Mobile data protection) or related devices will no longer be available. Data will be protected by the new cyber wall. With this new invention, cyberattacks targeting bank accounts can also be prevented. This cyber wall will soon be patented. After that, it will come into public use.

Prasanth Verma created this firewall that can be used on mobile apps, software on computers and laptops, and on plug-in servers. This firewall provides both types of protection on mobile and other devices. The first protection is that whenever you send money to someone, it will ask for permission from both parties.

Payment will only be deducted from your account when the goods are ready to be despatched. This will keep the money safe in the customer’s account.

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