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DECON 2017 an International conference on Diabetes by Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals…

DECON 2017 an International conference on Diabetes by Sri Ramakrishna Hospitals…


While 8% of the population worldwide suffers from Diabetes and Thyroid Disorders, nearly 15-20% Indians suffers the same problems today.  The reasons can either be lifestyle related, lack of awareness regarding such conditions and their harmful effects or lack of access to proper health care in certain remote parts of the country. The multi-factorial reasons for such problems make it harder for the physicians to deal with them. Many new modern drugs have arrived in the market, which not only controls the glycemic levels, but also help lose weight and has reduced chances of hypoglycaemia.

Thyroid disorders are very prevalent these days in India and the possible causes vary. One of the most common diseases in the urban area is autoimmune disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, resulting in hypothyroidism. Lifetime treatment with thyroid hormone tablets is essential with regular patient monitoring. Iodine deficiency is also one major cause of rising cases of thyroid disorders in India.

Pregnancy related Diabetics or gestational DM (GDM) is increasing exponentially in India.  It is estimated that about 4 million women are affected by GDM in India, at any given time point. It is very essential to screen for GDM, and its cost-effectiveness in particular. Dr. P. Saravanan, MBBS MRCPE FRCP PhD., who is an Associate Clinical Professor and Honorary Consultant Physician at the University Of Warwick, UK, mainly pursues with The PRIDE Study, which explores the role of novel factors in early pregnancy on the risk of Gestational Diabetes and cardio-metabolic risk of the offspring.

Another major concern in our country is childhood obesity. In order to overcome this, the root cause should be identified and education should be given to children in school. The parents should also be aware of such conditions and encourage them for a better lifestyle.

To address such issues as well as to create awareness about the latest Management Technologies and to bring to light the Thyroid related issues and Obesity, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore in the eminence of of Dr. Suresh Damodharan MBBS, MRCP, (UK), CSST (Diabetes & Endocrinology), (London), Organizer & HOD of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Thyroid is conducting the 3rd International Diabetes and Endocrine Conference – “DECON 2017” on March 4th and 5th, 2017 at Radisson Blu, Avinashi Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore. Two International Speakers – Dr. Thomas Barber, MBBS, D.Phil., Associate Professor in Clinical Endocrinology and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist University of Warwick (UK) and Dr. P Saravanan, MBBS, MRCPE, FRCP PhD, University of Warwick (UK), will participate in this International Conference. Past-President of RSSDI and Secretary General of “DiabetesIndia”, Dr. S. R. Aravind along with the present President of RSSDI – Dr. Sarita Bajaj, will be making their presence felt.

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A team of around 70 recognized Endocrinologists, Diabetologists and Gynacologists from National and International levels will be attending this conference to educate the health care professionals and students about the current scenario in the field of Diabetes and Endocrinology. Infection, Endocrine, Infertility Endocrinology, Lipids, Thyroid and Diabetics will be the major topics of Discussion in the Conference.


The inauguration function and lamp lighting ceremony was initiated by Mr. V Ramakrishna, Chief Operating Officer, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital , Dr. P Sukumaran, Dean, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Dr. Isaac Moses, Medical Director, SRH, Dr. Thomas Barber (UK), Dr. P. Saravanan (UK) and Dr. Suresh Damodharan .

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