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Deepavali Gifted Ola Electric Company: First Test Drive Launch From This Date

Deepavali Gifted Ola Electric Company: First Test Drive Launch From This Date

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Ola Electric launched its two electric scooters, the S1 and S1 Pro, in the Indian market on August 15 with a starting price of Rs 1 lakh. 1 month after the scooter was introduced its booking was opened for two days. In two days, more than Rs 1,100 crore was traded online, according to the company. The company received bookings of Rs 600 crore in the first 24 hours.

Now the second phase of booking these scooters starts on November 1st just before Deepavali. Ola Electric said it was ready to hand over the scooters within the specified delivery window. The company plans to offer a test drive of the Ola e-scooter to customers from November 10. Ola says customers who book the e-scooter S1 will only have to pay the full price after the test drive.

Ola plans to receive the final payment for its e-scooters S1 and S1 Pro from October 18 and begin delivery from October 25. Ola has told customers that they can pay the full amount after the test drive. This raises questions about the timely delivery of booked vehicles. However, the company said it would make all deliveries on time.

The ex-showroom price of the S1 variant of the Ola electric scooter is Rs 99,999 and the ex-showroom price of the S1 Pro variant is Rs 1,29,999. Other than that, there are 10 colours to choose from on the Ola electric scooter. You can select the desired colour during booking. According to the company’s website, the customer can later change the colour of the scooter if desired.

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