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Demonetisation to demonisation to supporting Modi

By on 24th November 2016 1 334 Views
One of the hoardings put up by BJP supporting the demonetisation move

One of the hoardings put up by BJP supporting the demonetisation move in the city

Last two weeks it has been a great discussion for everyone in the country those affected and not affected in a sense, let me come to that later, the WhatsApp has been notifying non stop with forward right from the depost fine to what not.

Add to the inefficient handling of the roll out it was a night mare for quite a few people. I know the Govt should have asked Coimbatore for help in printing notes. Dear Finance Ministry /RBI – are you listening?

The best and worst part of this whole exercise was the forwards industry if I may call it made relationships go topsy turvy like Urijit Patel getting married into Reliance Ambani family etc.

So there were protests and support to this move..

Joshua Edison, an entrepreneur who deals with medical devices and supplies wanted to know “When will I get my 15 lakhs?”

He also added that “Demonetisation should have been the last step this government should’ve taken. If this government is bold enough to torment the common man, they should have raided the 50 top corrupted in every city, as the first step.”

Further he explained “I absolutely support demonetisation and taking the blackmoney hoarders by their neck, but there should have a backup plan to ensure the common man’s daily living is not affected. It should have been smoother to the small-time traders and downline people. The new currencies should have been confidentially and secretly supplied to the banks well in advance and operation demonetisation should have been implemented. Demonetisation is good for the nation’s growth, but not this way – The way it enhances the corporates and big time players.”

“I stand with Mr. Modi on demonetisation, only on demonetisation”

One of Coimbatore’s ITES entrepreneur Ramanatha Rajendran felt that this was a good move and that is reflected in the survey and this would bring down the terrorist activities from across the border.

“I am an optimist. As C voter has taken a survey, more than 80% of Indians have agreed that this is a best decision”

“12 years of international business, of all transactions, every single penny is accounted. So I don’t expect for government to give me money for these.”

This happened on ground today.

We did also see that the local BJP has put in posters supporting this move.

While we wait to see how this unfolds the next week when the salaries are due, because in case the cash crunch is still on there could quite be a big issue for everyone at hand.

Will keep tracking these as the issue stabilises and progresses. This is the first in the series of articles on Demonetisation.

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