16th January 2022
  • 16th January 2022

Dengue spreads faster than Covid in Coimbatore

By Team YourCoimbatore on 5th January 2022
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In the Coimbatore district, dengue fever is spreading faster than COVID-19. At present, a total of 47 people, including 32 children, are being treated at the Coimbatore Government Hospital. So far, 6 people have succumbed to Dengue infection.

Only those who have been infected with dengue fever and are being treated at the government hospital are counted. But many people with dengue fever are being treated at various private hospitals in Coimbatore. It is estimated that the number of dengue patients in the Coimbatore district exceeds 200 daily.

More than 40 places in the Coimbatore district have been identified as high-risk zones for dengue fever. These areas have been declared as hotspots and intensive preventive measures are being taken to control the spread of dengue fever.

Similarly, the incidence of dengue fever is high in the suburbs. In areas where dengue is more prevalent, more than a thousand workers are carrying out mosquito eradication work by spraying repellents in residential areas and clearing off stagnant water if any.

Meanwhile, the incidence of COVID-19 is increasing in Coimbatore. The COVID caseload, which was below 100 for the past few days, rose to 120 yesterday. The threat of dengue fever amidst the COVID surge has caused fear among the public.