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Devotees worship at the Perur Noyyal Stupa

Devotees worship at the Perur Noyyal Stupa

Perur Noyyal Stupa, Pattiswarar temple

Devotees gathered at the Perur Noyyal Stupa on the occasion of the Thai New Moon and worshiped.

Next to Coimbatore is the Noyyal Staircase in Perur. It is said that if Tithi is given to the dead ancestors here, which is called the site of salvation, they will not be reborn and they will go to Eesan.

Accordingly, every year during the Thai New Moon, it is customary for a large number of devotees to pay homage to their dead ancestors with offerings of rice, vegetables, sesame seeds, fruits, and camphor.

Due to the Thai New Moon, a large number of devotees gathered at the Perur Noyyal river bank next to Coimbatore from 6 am onwards. No one was present there as work was currently underway to repair the broken stairs in the stairwell.

Thus on both sides of the Noyyal bridge near it the devotees descended into the river and paid homage to their ancestors by giving Tithi and Darbana worship.

Some of them continued to give agathikirai to the cows in the kosala and to the sadhus who were there to give alms packets.

Devotees then proceeded to the Pattiswarar Temple in Perur to perform Sami darshan and worship by lighting ghee lamps. Devotees were not allowed to pay darb in the stairwell to prevent the spread of corona.

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Despite this a large number of devotees worshipped. No one can stop them. Similarly, the walk at the Perur Pattiswarar temple was opened early in the morning.

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