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Dhanalakshmi Aruchami Golden Jubilee Multi Purpose Hall inaugurated at Kongunadu

Dhanalakshmi Aruchami Golden Jubilee Multi Purpose Hall inaugurated at Kongunadu


The Inauguration of the Dhanalakshmi Aruchami Golden Jubilee Multi Purpose Hall was held at Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore on Friday, 8th March 2024 at 12.00pm in the Marappa G. Aruchami Auditorium. The Program commenced with the National Anthem and Tamil Thaivazhthu. Dr. C.A.Vasuki, Secretary and Director of the college presided over the function. Thiru R.N.Ravi Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu was the Chief Guest of the occasion and delivered the Special Address.

The function started with National Anthem & Thamilthai Vaalthu followed by Lighting of the Lamp. Shri Er. R .Somasundararam President of the college welcomed the gathering.

In her Presidential Address, Dr. C.A. Vasuki, the esteemed Secretary and Director of the college, extended cordial salutations to the distinguished Chief Guest, Thiru R.N Ravi, the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu, and all esteemed attendees. With erudition, she expounded upon the day’s significance as the confluence of Shiva and Sakthi, underscoring the criticality of judicious timing and the selection of an apt individual for the inauguration of our illustrious golden jubilee hall. Moreover, Dr. Vasuki eloquently reflected on the institutional antecedents, acknowledging the agrarian lineage of many constituents whose progenitors served as venerable wellsprings of inspiration and patronage. She tendered heartfelt gratitude to the institution’s progenitors, venerating their stalwart advocacy and material contributions to the propagation of moral, ethical, and rational precepts. Notably, she elucidated the government’s proactive endeavors in cultivating transformative talents, which endeavors to nurture enduring competencies amidst the dynamism of contemporary economies.

Dr. Vasuki further extolled the institution’s pioneering initiative in introducing Sericulture as a conduit for part-time education, illuminating its commitment to innovative pedagogical paradigms. The strategic integration of artificial intelligence and data analytics to augment cognitive development evinced the institution’s embrace of progressive methodologies. Of particular note was the conceptualization and implementation of the “earn while you learn” ethos, conceived to augment the educational caliber by affording students the opportunity to gain practical experience alongside theoretical instruction. The earmarking of a specific time slot from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm for immersive experiential learning bespoke the institution’s conscientious endeavor to redress the scholastic disparities between urban and rural cohorts. Dr. Vasuki delineated the manifold dividends reaped by students from this laudable initiative, exhorting them to persist in their assiduous pursuits and thereby inscribe an indelible legacy within the annals of the institution’s history.

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The Presidential Address was followed by the inauguration of the Smt Dhanalakshmi Aruchami Golden Jubilee Multipurpose Hall .The eminent Chief Guest, Thiru R.N Ravi Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu delivered the special Address by highlighting that today is a propitious day, as we are bestowed with the divine favour of Lord Shiva, empowering us with immense fortitude to accomplish the objectives of both our individual and collective existence. He emphasised the importance of honouring Women’s Day by highlighting that 60% of the pupils are female. He expressed his admiration for the founder, Dr. M. Aruchami, who played a crucial role in establishing this esteemed temple of learning. The source of his power is in his wife, Smt. Dhanalakshmi, whose assistance has spurred significant progress for the institution. He highlighted the institution’s notable accomplishments, including the College of Excellence, impressive ranking of 29th in the NIRF and its A+ certification in NAAC, which were achieved through diligent effort and unwavering commitment. In addition, he said that the college has been awarded accolades for its success in Hackathons and research articles published in Scopus-indexed journals, as well as for its many patents. In order to motivate the younger cohorts, he commended the institution for anticipating more future jubilees. He encouraged the students to have ambitious aspirations and to accomplish their goals within the specified timeframe. He discussed Bharath’s position as the world’s fifth-largest economy, which was achieved via the combined efforts of Purushartha. Ten years ago, we were at the periphery in the realm of technology. Today, we are making significant progress in the fields of science and technology. We have achieved a position among the top three countries in terms of start-ups, and we are recognised as the most digitalized and digitally linked nation. India is undergoing a transformation, since we have abandoned our previous perspectives. We take pleasure in our previous potential and ability. When Indians go to other nations, they regard the Indian passport with utmost reverence. Individuals from other nations have begun to show more respect for the Indians. He said that two decades ago, discussions around women’s empowerment and the profound transformations experienced by women were widely prevalent in the country. However, nowadays, women not only spearhead the progress but also hold positions of leadership in governments. He emphasised that the provision of restroom facilities in schools and colleges nationwide has facilitated women’s access to education. He said that 40 million of our citizens used Mudra Loan, representing 50% of the account holders are women, and it has been emphasised that the construction of 1.2 million residences is planned under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). It was launched with the aim to provide housing at an affordable price to the weaker sections of the society, lower income group people, urban poor, and rural poor. The Yojana involves a construction of around 20 million houses at an affordable price.. A total of 8 million dwellings have been fully constructed and officially registered under the ownership of women. Currently, women are operating and launching missiles, with over 22% of them being women pilots. Women had significant influence in the fields of administration, policy making, and legislation making. Women are increasingly assuming leadership roles across all domains. He encouraged the college students to have ambitious aspirations and to exert significant effort in order to achieve their goals. Additionally, he recommended them to persistently pursue their objectives without taking breaks until they are accomplished. Every student must be aware that they are living in a significant period of history, as they contribute to the development of our nation as New Bharath. The speaker also advised the students to establish personal aspirations that would lead to the growth of themselves, their families, and their country. He emphasised the importance of the National Educational Strategy in the current situation. He said that Bharath would fulfil its destiny via the trinity of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He urged the College to increase its patent output in the future. He advocated for the institution to organise several conclaves in order to foster research and advancements. He also emphasised to the students the significance of achieving a 100% voter turnout.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr.O.N.Paramasivan Treasurer of the college.

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