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Diabetic kids to get free insulin pumps in Coimbatore

Diabetic kids to get free insulin pumps in Coimbatore

Diabetic kids

A project to gift insulin pumps to 50 underprivileged children with type-1 diabetes was launched at Coimbatore Medical College Hospital on Monday. Four machines were given to the children in the first stage of the drive under Project Thulir. Each machine costs around Rs 2.20 lakh.

The needle-less machines are effective in significantly bringing down blood sugar levels, said Dr Krishnan Swaminathan of Idhayangal Charitable Trust, which has been supporting the project. “The project will help children who require insulin daily. Children with type -1 diabetes must take insulin four times a day for the rest of their lives. The project will help them keep their blood sugar level under control,” he said. Along with insulin, consumables were given to the children.

He also said there is a huge burden of Type 1 diabetes in children as young as one-year-olds in and around Coimbatore districts. Such children need insulin injections for life-long four times a day with finger-prick glucose monitoring 3-4 times per day. Small errors in insulin storage (lack of fridge at home) or omission of insulins for one day can put children lives at risk with diabetic coma. Our dream is to ensure that no single poor child with Type 1 diabetes should suffer or die for want of the best treatment with insulin or modern technologies like insulin pumps.

There are 36 children from underprivileged categories, aged 2-12 years at CMCH (Coimbatore Medical College Hospital) with difficulty controlling Type 1 diabetes, with a significant number of such children needing recurrent hospital admissions. We aim to support all 36 children to ensure a normal healthy life through a joint initiative from Idhayangal Charitable Trust and the Paediatric Department of CMCH.

Dean of Coimbatore Medical College Hospital A Nirmala said that type -1 diabetes is being identified among children at a very early age. “Though parents get dejected after finding their children diabetic, such children can lead a normal life with insulin support like normal children,” she added.

It’s very hard to stand in the shoes of the children suffering from diabetes, also with no fridge at home to store insulin, no money for insulin and medications. If you people want to donate for the Children kindly contact
Dr Krishnan Swaminathan
Ph: 9042858882 or 8526421150
Bank details
Indian Bank, KMCH Goldwin’s Branch, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore 641 014
Account number: 6517087788 IFSC Code: IDIB000K169.

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