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Did you know that the Coir Woven Industry has a future for our Nation?

Did you know that the Coir Woven Industry has a future for our Nation?


Industries that were badly affected during the Corona curfew are now recovering. Especially the Coir industry products getting good values in the market. Exports of coir products from Tamil Nadu have now increased again. Most of the factories around Coimbatore and Pollachi have resumed operations with moderate staff.

Mr.Gowtham, Coir consultant and coir board member of India has told, “India’s coir factories are growing so fast that the world can look back. Coir is currently being exported to more than 125 neighboring countries. In addition, our country is more than 60% active in the coconut trade. Manufacturers are optimistic that the coir industry will return to normalcy and export more in the next three months. Coconut fiber products are currently exported in large quantities from Kerala to the United States and Europe. Demand for this coir products specialty has grown for various purposes.

Before the spread of the corona impact in India, the government earned annual revenue of Rs 2,500 crore from the coir industry. Similarly, the domestic market alone has the use of coconut fiber products worth Rs 8000 crore. The sector has continued to make progress even during the Corona vulnerability. This has paved the way for trade of Rs 14,000 crore domestically and Rs 4,000 crore in exports. The value of this is likely to rise further if the central government continues to provide support.”

The resumption of exports of coir products has revived the coir workers in Tamil Nadu. During the Corona period, most of the daily laborers were stuck in cash shortages due to unemployment. The current favorable situation will be very helpful for their recovery. Their demand is that the central and state governments continue to extend assistance to ensure the welfare of workers.

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