16th January 2022
  • 16th January 2022

Dismissal if not vaccinated; Google Alert

By Team YourCoimbatore on 16th December 2021
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Washington: Alphabet Inc, a Google company, has stated that its employees will not be paid if they do not follow the Covid Protocols. Google has warned that employees will be fired if they do not pay for the vaccine.

For the past two years, people have been advised to get the Corona Vaccine to protect themselves against the spread of the Coronavirus around the world. Vaccination work has been in full swing in all countries, including India, for the past few months. However, the fact that a few people are still not vaccinated has caused great fear. In this situation, many companies are currently stipulating that employees must come to work only if they are vaccinated.

Google, the world’s most popular company, has also announced a vaccine rule. According to that, Google decided to lay off employees who had not been vaccinated. If they are told that the vaccine may cause some other serious side effects, they should submit their approval to the appropriate doctor. And Google had set a deadline of December 3 for employees.

Currently, the deadline has been extended to January 13th. The announcement has caused a great deal of controversy among Google employees.

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