19th January 2022
  • 19th January 2022

Do not ignore the new virus, which metamorphoses Delta-Omicron

By Team YourCoimbatore on 11th January 2022
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Another variant of the coronavirus has developed, named ‘Deltacron’. So far 25 people have been affected by this new variant found in Cyprus.

The genetic background of the deltacron is similar to that of the delta variant of the corona, and it is also called the deltacron because it contains some mutations similar to the omicron.

According to the Daily Star, 10 mutations of omicron were found in the samples of people with deltacron disease in Cyprus. Leondios Gostrikis, a professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, said the strain was created by a combination of delta and omicron.

He said mutation intensity was higher among hospitalized patients, indicating a link between the new variant and hospitalization. Gostrix said Omicron and Delta (Corona Spread) currently dominate the world, and that this new variant is shaped by a mixed transition between the two.

This variant has the same genetic background as Delta. It also has some mutations from Omicron.

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