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Do you know Google company that sells Potato Chips?

Do you know Google company that sells Potato Chips?

Google Chips

There are many differences between eating chips and electronic chips. But both words are the same when heard. Google is preparing to take advantage of this. A new chipset is coming to Google’s Pixel 6 series. Therefore the company should advertise its new chipset.

That’s why Google is following this trick in order to make the Pixel 6 even more popular. In Japan, Google has introduced real chips to promote the Pixel 6. Google has introduced potato chips there. With this, the company has highlighted its Tensor chipset.

Google’s chip pocket is the same color as the Pixel 6 series. The rear panel of the Pixel 6 is the same color scheme. Google has prepared chips pockets in five colors. The company has produced 10,000 chips bags. These are not available in India. This is because Google is not introducing its latest pixels in India.

In these chips pockets are salted, which is written as salty. Below that is written ‘Google Pixel Coming Soon’. In this way, the company will advertise its phone. In Japan, Google has also offered the option of customizing Google’s chip packet. That is, people can print their names on the side of the chips pocket.

Speaking of the tense chipset given in the Pixel 6 series, this time Google is preparing to compete with Apple with this chipset. This is because Apple already offers its own chipset on its iPhone.

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