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Do you know why building a banana tree in front of the house at auspicious events?

Do you know why building a banana tree in front of the house at auspicious events?

Banana Tree

It is said that a banana tree is used not only for weddings but also for auspicious occasions. Worship is an inseparable practice of the Hindus. Whether we go to the temple daily or not, it is customary to keep images of the Lord at home and worship him.

As we all know, green plants emit carbon dioxide during the day. Events such as festivals and weddings, as well as funerals, are all populated and the concentration of carbon dioxide is high. So it was our ancestors who introduced science in the name of ritual to reduce it and increase the amount of oxygen. It is important to note that the epidermis is the best source of light.

The relationship between bananas and Tamils continues to grow under bananas. Banana is a wonderful plant that has medicinal benefits packed in every part like leaf, stem, flower, fruit, and berry. Banana flower has muscle-stabilizing properties. Continuing this can prevent excessive bleeding during menstruation.

Those who want to gain weight can eat bananas aviyal. It is high in starch, so if you take a small number of bananas, the body will get the energy it needs. It has high in calories and potassium. It removes the unwanted sodium salt that stays in the body and stores the potassium salt needed to keep the body from getting tired.

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