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Doctors have removed 77 kg of plastic from a cow’s stomach after a long struggle

Doctors have removed 77 kg of plastic from a cow’s stomach after a long struggle

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As far as we know, cattle generally feed on grasses, straw, bran, and sorghum. But existing livestock are being affected by the use of paper and plastic. Many places are turning into garbage dumps due to urbanization. No matter how much it is said that the earth will be affected by the increasing use of plastic, its use does not seem to be declining.

In Gujarat, a cow had 77 kg of plastic waste in her stomach, which doctors operated on for more than two hours. A cow in Gujarat’s Anand district has been suffering from inactivity for a few days without any food or water. Seeing this, some volunteers rescued the cow and admitted it to a veterinary hospital in Gujarat. There was a shock waiting for the doctors who examined the cow.

That is, there was a lot of plastic waste material, including ice cream cups, spoons, and plastic cups that could be thrown in the garbage in the stomach of that cow that was allowed. The veterinarians then worked together to remove the waste material from the cow’s stomach.

After fighting for more than two hours, the doctors surgically removed the plastic waste from the cow’s stomach. This is not the first time such an operation has been performed on cattle. People need to take care of this and not do it again.

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