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Domesticated elephants in the firefighting mission

Domesticated elephants in the firefighting mission

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Domesticated elephants, including Chinnathambi, have been involved in firefighting operations in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve. These domesticated elephants removed the dried bamboo from the roadside.

The Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, one of the tiger reserves in Tamil Nadu, is home to a large number of bamboos. Fire prevention activities are carried out by the forest department before the onset of summer every year. As part of this, roadside shrubs and grasses will be cut down and burned to form fire retardant lines. Bamboo blooms after 35 or 40 years.

Then these bamboo trees will dry out. Such bamboos are more likely to cause wildfires as they rub against each other during the summer. Large-scale wildfires can also be caused by throwing lit cigarette butts on dry bamboo found on the roadside. It is therefore customary to remove such dried bamboo.

This year the bamboo is being removed using domesticated elephants including Chinnathambi, Muthu, Kaveri and Abhinaya. Especially the dried bamboo lying on the roadsides of the Sethumadai-Anaimalai Tiger Reserve is being removed by domesticated elephants.

Regional Chief Forest Officer Ramasubramaniam said: -Bamboo blooms after a certain year and withers. In other forests, such dried bamboo is allowed to be removed and sold. However, such bamboo is not allowed to be cut and sold in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve.

So the falling dry bamboo is being removed by the breeding elephants-.In addition, work is in progress to construct 150 km of firebreaks on various roads including Attappadi Road, Valparai and Anaimalai ahead of the onset of summer. Thus he said.

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