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Dr. Asha Rao and Dr. BRJ Satish Kumar deliver special address at Rotary Clubs Coimbatore region meet

Dr. Asha Rao and Dr. BRJ Satish Kumar deliver special address at Rotary Clubs Coimbatore region meet


It was a great listening to the special address by Dr. Asha R Rao, Managing Director, Rao Hospital & Care, Coimbatore and Dr. BRJ Satish Kumar, HOD & Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, BRJ Ortho Center, MAK Hospitals, Coimbatore at the Rotary Clubs of Coimbatore Region meeting which was held at Paul Harris Hall, Chamber Building, Avinashi Road yesterday.

Bone Density and Wellness camp was also held where the participants got to know the bone density and were given a food diet chart to compensate for low calcium in the bones.

The meeting was chaired by Rtn Adv B A Prabu Shankar, Rotary Club of Coimbatore today.

Dr. Asha Rao, Managing Director, Rao Hospital & Care, Coimbatore, who spoke on the HPV dwelt at length the misconception of the HPV or the Human Pappiloma Virus which is the most common reason for Cervical cancer in women. The vaccination is the only way to go about prevention of HPV in men and women while it is thought that its primarily women who get the cancer. One of the leading reasons for cancers in women is cervical cancers in the world. Cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer in women across the world especially in the age group of 19 to 34.


While prevention is taken by leading world countries India is still to get its act together and the price of the vaccine is one of the important reasons why it’s not taken off in India. It’s a sad reality that one woman loses her life every 9 minutes due to this dreaded cancer.


She emphasised the importance of vaccination in the absence of any medication at the moment and we need to take this on a war footing to save many more lives.

Dr. BRJ Satish Kumar, during his address on the Bone Health and Wellness described in detail the functions of the bone and how it needs to be treated as a tissue a hard tissue at that and how being active is the only way to keep good bone health and wellness. He gave a lot of examples on how the posture these days have had negative impact say looking at phones and regular sitting in the office is causing irreparable damage to bones in the long run.  He also emphasised the need to have healthy foods that contain calcium. He also stressed on the fact that active lifestyle with good food habits can only be a way to have a healthy bone and wellness in life.

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He also added that age is not a factor when it came to having surgeries and he quoted a case of a 70 year old having a surgery and getting back on his feet in few months and being independent, he signed off saying movement is life.

This joint meeting was organised by all the Rotary Clubs of Coimbatore.

Rotary Club of Coimbatore – Host Club
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Industrial City – Lead Club
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Aakruti
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Cosmopolitan
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Centennial
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Elite
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Legend
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Manchester
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Millennium
Rotary Club of Coimbatore North
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Phoenix
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Smart City
Rotary Club of Coimbatore South
Rotary Club of Coimbatore Vadavalli

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