16th January 2022
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E-auto: 50 paise per kilometer! Savings of Rs.45000 per year

By Team YourCoimbatore on 9th December 2021
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Mahindra has introduced the new electric auto-rickshaw to buy petrol and diesel without fear of a price hike. Mahindra TREO Auto Rickshaw is capable of generating high revenue at a low cost.

The Mahindra TREO range is also excellent. It can travel up to 130 km on a full charge. There is also a record for going up to 141km. The maximum speed of this auto is 55 km. Reaching 0-20 km / h in 2.3 seconds, the Trio Auto is fully charged in just 3 hours and 50 minutes. It can be charged anywhere and it can be charged with a 15 amp socket.

The Wheelbase is 2073 mm. This electric auto has ample space and no problems while traveling. It is Mahindra’s low-maintenance lithium-ion battery specially designed for this auto. Special attention is paid to the comfort of the driver and passengers.

According to the official website of Mahindra Electric, this auto-rickshaw (electric vehicle e-auto) runs at just 50 paise per kilometer. It can save up to Rs 45,000 per year on fuel costs. It has a driver +3 seat facility.

It has a battery with smart lithium-ion technology. It’s also received 36 months warranty.

Logeshwaran J

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