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Efforts are on fullswing to make flying car in Chennai.

Efforts are on fullswing to make flying car in Chennai.

Flying cars

Countries around the world are troubled by the increasing number of vehicles on the roads.

The traffic problem is of concern all over the world. Large cities like Delhi-Mumbai in India suffer from road congestion almost every day.

In such a situation, many people are nostalgic for an alternative. Many people long for a car that flies in the air to travel without getting stuck in traffic.

Many automobile companies around the world are working to make this nostalgia a reality.
Efforts to make flying cars have been going on for several days.

But when flying cars will be introduced remains an unanswered question. Chennai-based Vinata Aeromobility is in the process of developing India’s first hybrid flying car.

Last month, in September, the concept model of Vinata Aeromobility was reviewed by Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Cynthia.

Vinata Aeromobility last month unveiled the concept model of its two-seater flying taxi to ministers.

If the company succeeds in this project, it will be the first flying hybrid car in Asia, the company said.

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It is noteworthy that many companies around the world have been trying to develop these flying cars (Cars) for the past several years.

If India or any other country succeeds in producing a flying car in the future, it will be a great success for the world.

Importantly, these flying cars are very effective in medical emergencies. In addition, this flying car can be used for passenger and freight transport.

However, it is not possible now to say how long this dream will actually take. But there is no denying that this project is very important to the world.

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