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Election visitor’s order to monitor the election behavior regulations

Election visitor’s order to monitor the election behavior regulations

election behavior

Pollachi ordered the authorities to monitor the election views of Herzagai Meena election behavior in the alignment.

District Election Viewer Herzagai Meena examined the urban local election in Pollachi Municipal Office. When he talked, he said: –

In Pollachi municipal area, the voters must immediately begin to get rid of all the voters. In the municipal area, 100 percent of the vote is required to carry out the necessary awareness. And 5 km from the border of the Pollachi city. The police have to patrol 24 hours perimeter. In the 36 wards of the municipalities, the election behavior should be observed to be observed. Vehicle censorship should be made without any disadvantages. Although Corona’s infection is reduced, Corona guidelines should be taken together with election behavior.

The vote counting the task is to be accompanied by aware of the end of the election results. Sub-Collector Thackeray Subam Gnam Devrov was with the Municipal Commissioner Thantharthi, police vice salader Tamil and many others.

The electoral visitor examined the election in the polls in the panchayat office following this.He then asked the information on the vote category of the vote category, the vote category, which was purchased and welcoming candidates for the polls for the election work in the panchayat.

More and more should be taken to fix the problems raised by the political party. He said that everyone should cooperate with the election peaceful. At that time, the aid director of the Panchayat was with the panchayat operational officer, regional audience and assistant election officers.

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