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Electric Cycles are Cheap and Best while competing with e-bikes

Electric Cycles are Cheap and Best while competing with e-bikes

Electric Cycles

In today’s environment where petrol and diesel prices continue to rise, the demand for electric vehicles is also on the rise. Electric bicycles are a great solution for those who want to focus more on physical fitness. In this post, you can find out about some of the best electric bicycles in our Indian market.

Strider, owned by Tata International Limited, has introduced two bicycles for its customers. Many people enjoy cycling every day. Since you have that option too, if you are in the habit of traveling 20-25 km by bicycle, these two electric bikes will be best for you.

Strider has added many great features to both of its electric bikes. The first bicycle was called the Contino ETB-100, the second bicycle was the voltaic 17. The Contino ETB-100 bicycle was developed by the company with today’s youth in mind. It will be the best bike available with good mileage and a cheap price.

Strider voltaic 17 was launched by Tata International Limited and Strider. The company has a starting price of Rs 29,995 for this e-bike (High-Speed Electric Cycle). It’s also available in Gray and Red colors. Both of these are very attractive. It has a strong motor and a heavy lithium-ion battery to compete with the electric bike.

It takes a maximum of 3 hours to fully charge the battery. After a full charge, this bike can ride for 25 to 28 kilometers. Its top speed is 25 km / h. It also comes with a 2-year warranty from the company.

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