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Electronic voting machines dispatched with police protection

Electronic voting machines dispatched with police protection

Electronic voting machine

Voting is taking place today in the run-up to the urban local elections. Electronic voting machines in turn were dispatched with heavy police security. All arrangements at the polls are ready. Voting for the urban local body elections in Tamil Nadu is taking place today (Saturday). There are 89 polling booths in Pollachi municipality, 22 in Suleswaranpatti municipality, 20 in Zameenuthukuli, 29 in Kottur, 20 in Anaimalai, 17 in Odayakulam and 21 in Vettaikaranputhur. There are 151 candidates in the municipality, 72 in Sooleswaranpatti, 49 in Zameenuthukuli, 59 in Anaimalai, 104 in Kottur, 45 in Odayakulam and 57 in Vettaikaranputhur. At this stage the task of matching the symbol, with the name of the candidate, took place on the electronic voting machines.

The electronic voting machine and control machine used in the election were then placed in a room in the municipal and municipal offices and locked and sealed. There were also heavily armed police on security duty. In this context, the work of sending the required electronic voting machines to the polling booths in the municipalities was carried out yesterday. The seal of the room was broken in the presence of the agents of the candidates led by Thanumurthy, the election officer in the municipality. They were then sent to their respective polling stations with heavy police security. All the facilities including Samiyana pavilion, drinking water and toilet facilities have been made available at the polling booths. All necessary arrangements have been made for the voters to cast their ballots. Election officials said: –

In Pollachi municipality 107 ballot machines, 107 control machines, 27 electronic voting machines in Sooleswaranpatti, 27 control machines, 24 ballot machines in Zameen Uthukkuli and 24 control machines were sent with heavy security. All the facilities required by the voters are made at the polling booths. Do not engage in activities such as standing in a crowd within 200 meters of the polling station or forcing voters to cast their ballots. Violation of this will result in draconian action. Everyone must cooperate for the election to take place peacefully. Thus he said.

Returning officer Suresh Kumar, in the presence of election observer Jamunadevi, gave instructions for the election work to 358 people, including polling station chiefs and polling station officials, who may work at 73 polling stations on behalf of the Valparai municipal administration.

This was followed by 73 electronic voting machines kept at the Valparai Municipal Office under police protection, including ballot materials, especially body heat testing equipment for corona prevention guidelines, disinfectant, voter use gloves, hand washing fluid, helmets and wheelchairs for the disabled.

Ahead of the Valparai municipal elections, 300 policemen and riot police, including two police inspectors led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Balakumar, are on security duty.

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Similarly, Manampalli and Valparai Forest Foresters led by Forester Manikandan on behalf of the Forest Department are engaged in security and patrolling at all the polling booths in the estate area.

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