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Entrepreneurial motivation- Tips to run/improve prosperous business.

By Team YourCoimbatore on 22nd October 2021
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The entrepreneurs are the engine of a nation’s growth

India took off from being a nation that had been leaning on other countries to being self-sufficient – Atma Nirbhar.

As the quantity of enlightened, tech-savvy and energized youngsters is rising, they are walking from 9 to 5 job goers to being transition makers of the nation with unique ideas and eagerness to experiment.

Contemporary India does not have a scarcity of ideas, talent or resources. We could catch a glimpse of entrepreneurs in their teens running a triumphant business with great confidence and professionalism.

It is clear that the job requirement of 10 million youths every year, cannot be fulfilled by firms. We need more job creators than seekers to compress the unemployment gap.

The way the performance of the market has undergone a drastic change. With advancements in infrastructure, transportation and communication, accomplishing a business has become easier than earlier.

The government is contributing essential financial aid and a friendly environment for the fresh business ventures through e-portals and several schemes supporting small, medium or large businesses.

Entrepreneurs, in general, must remember these points to keep themselves and their team encouraged.

1. Be optimistic and recollect that downfalls aren’t endless it’s an opportunity to learn and rise better.

2. Encourage and experiment with ideas, even if the traditional school of ideas goes against them.

3. Retain trained and talented skill force who adhere to business integrity and ethics. This is essential for building brand and consumer trust.

4. Constantly hear suggestions and rapidly work on criticisms to keep the product updated.

5. Know that success never occurs overnight.
Wander wide, train the team and impart the latest skills to the team without resting on laurels in the initial days of success.

6. Be prepared to alter the product to stay in sync with the changing market demand.

7. Focus on the all-around product outcome and quality by assigning tasks to talented and skilled teams.

8. Vigil constantly for the updated market trends and appropriately adapt your mode of operation.

9. Keep a network of like-minded business enthusiasts. This will encourage you to stay despite all hurdles.

10. Never lose hope at any moment, every problem has its solutions.

All the best for your new business.

Priti Karthikeyan is a freelance motivational writer from Kerala.

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