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Facebook selling Instagram, WhatsApp? What is the problem?

Facebook selling Instagram, WhatsApp? What is the problem?

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp

A number of allegations continue to be levelled against Facebook, the social media giant. Allegations are mainly made that competing companies are not growing and exploiting the market to their advantage in cross ways. The U.S. Trade Federation has dismissed the lawsuit in the past, citing a lack of evidence. In this case, the US Trade Federation has taken up a new case on the same charge.

In it, Facebook claims that the parent company, Meta, makes small companies less durable in the market or buys it for a price. Competitive companies are not going to end up with these activities of Facebook. US Federal Reserve accuses Facebook of either surrendering or disappearing from the market

The company also points out that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned and reprimanded several times in the US Congress in this regard. In this case, the court accepted the case, saying that this time the US Trade Federation was facing a lawsuit. The judge who heard the case last time did not submit the relevant evidence in the case followed by the US Trade Federation.

But this time it said it had submitted sufficient evidence. Thus, Facebook is forced to face the Meta court case of the parent company. But, the case is said to be dragging on for a long time. It is also said that if the US Trade Federation wins the case, Facebook will be forced to sell Instagram and WhatsApp.

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