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Fake rain in Dubai to deal with the heat! What is Fake Rain?

Fake rain in Dubai to deal with the heat! What is Fake Rain?

Fake rain in Dubai

It rained in Dubai Is this normal? The question arises as to what is in it? This is not a spontaneous rain, a fake rain created. The video of this fake rain was shared by the United Arab Emirates National Meteorological Center.

Summers in Dubai can be very tough. At one point the temperature there exceeded 50C. To mitigate the heat, the National Meteorological Center of the United Arab Emirates decided to fake rain. Fake rainwater flooded Dubai’s streets, alleys, and streets, reducing the heat.

According to the Daily Mail, the rain was created using drone technology called cloud seeding. Innovative technology creates electric shock in the clouds and thereby draws rain. The video of the rain was also shared on the official Twitter account of the National Weather Service of the United Arab Emirates. The video shows rain pouring down on the streets where cars are paraded.

Artificial rain is the act of artificially creating rain in the form of cloud seeding during the non-rainy season. As the earth’s water evaporates, it cools and becomes a cloud. The water molecules in the clouds are transformed into water traps by the cold air that occurs during certain seasons and rains. As these aquifers become colder, the moisture in the cloud does not turn to water. Then the clouds will go without rain.
Then, small planes or drones would spray potassium iodide, silver iodide, and carbon dioxide on the clouds. These will adjust the humidity and bring in the rain. It has been artificially irrigated using this method for over 40 years. This technology is widely used in the United States and on the streets. In India too, efforts are being made to use artificial rain for agriculture during the rainy season.

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