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Fantastic innovation of the start-up concern! Say Goodbye to the plastic!

Fantastic innovation of the start-up concern! Say Goodbye to the plastic!

Goodbye to the plastic!

A Noida-based start-up has come up with an innovative way to replace plastic and glass bottles with paper bottles.

When scientist Leo Falkland discovered the polymer backlight without a natural molecule in 1907, he may not have known that it was going to be the most important cause of pollution in the world. The first fully synthetic plastics, created by his imagination and research, have evolved into the giant that threatens global health pollution today.

In an environment where the entire biological community, including humans, animals, and birds, is being severely affected by plastic, a Noida-based start-up has designed bottles with coxsackie bottles and biodegradable paper waste. After two and a half years of intensive research, it has created a membrane on paper and is designed for hydrophobicity. The start-up said the bottles were easily biodegradable and free of any leaks.

Kamishika Kaneri, who is involved in the design of the bottle, said that the bottle they have manufactured will not be affected by environmental and climate change and will be available in the market from 2022. He said the bottle could be used for up to six months in the current environment, adding that the invention would be a viable solution to the climate change threat facing the world from plastics.

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