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Farmers are interested in cultivating nelly in the Negamam area.

Farmers are interested in cultivating nelly in the Negamam area.

Nelly, Negamam

Coconut is widely cultivated in and around Negamam. Next to that, farmers are cultivating vegetables. Similarly, teak, mango, sapodilla and sugarcane are also cultivated.

At this stage some farmers are currently showing interest in cultivating nelly. Nelly is cultivated on numerous acres in and around Negamam, Chettiaka Estate, Emmegountenpalayam, Gothawadi, Avalpatti. Regarding this, the farmers said: –

As for nelly, each variety can be harvested in each season. With this in mind, it is possible to earn income in all seasons by cultivating different varieties. If nelly is cultivated, it starts flowering in 4 months.

But the flowers should be shed for up to 3 years. Only then will good yields be obtained and the taste will be dry. Nelly is useful because it can yield for 40 years. Intercropping of cassava, sapodilla, banana and pulses can provide additional income.

Currently the active glue variety Nellie is being harvested. But nelly in the hills has extra nutrients. Therefore, the Department of Horticulture and the Department of Forests should jointly provide mountain gooseberry seedlings and provide guidelines for their maintenance to protect and add to the population of mountain gooseberry.

It should also create opportunities to market these products. Thus they said.

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