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Farmers urge to retain organic certification centre in Coimbatore

By Team YourCoimbatore on 15th December 2021
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Farmers staged a protest in front of the district collectorate here on Tuesday, urging the state government to withdraw its proposal to shift the Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department to Chennai from the city. 

S Palanisamy, district president of Tamil Nadu Farmers Association, which organized the protest, said the organic farmers in Kongu region would face problems, including that of transportation if the department were to be shifted to the capital city.

He said more than 2,000 farmers were into organic farming on 30,000 acres of land in the western districts of the state. “The move will leave them high and dry. They have obtained certificates from the centre and use the same for exporting agricultural products to other countries. If shifted, farmers will find it difficult to get the required support.”

The protesters urged the district collector to take up the issue with the state government and explain the importance of the centre in this part of the state.


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