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‘Fingers’ coming out of the ‘grave’; what happened..!!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 2nd November 2021
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Walking alone in a forest, on a rough path is a terrifying experience. That too, on that rough path, in a graveyard, it is natural to faint in shock at a horrible experience. One such incident has happened to someone in the UK. As the man walked through the woods, he saw the fingers of a dead body coming out of the grave and screamed in fear, the Daily Star reported. The man, frozen in fear, could not even move his legs. But after looking carefully at what was going on, the person knew the reason.

In fact, what he thought was the fingers of a dead man were wrong. What came out of the tomb were not the fingers of the dead, but the coral plant that looked like the fingers of a dead man. He was frightened in that lonely forest because it looked like the fingers of a dead man. Once the coral has grown, its branches will look like the fingers of a human body when torn off the ground. For this reason, this coral is called the Dead Man’s Fingers. It is worth noting that on Halloween weekend, Dead Man’s Fingers also used coral to scare many. Halloween Day is celebrated around the world on October 31. In which the decoration is made to look scary.

Author: Logeshwaran J | Date: 01/11/2021

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