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Flowers became more expensive in Coimbatore due to lack of supply.

Flowers became more expensive in Coimbatore due to lack of supply.


Flowers are brought to the Coimbatore Flower Market from various parts of the Coimbatore district including Karamadai and Annur, Satyamangalam, Dindigul, Nilakkottai, Hosur and outstations.

Small traders and the general public come here to buy flowers. Flowers are also sent to Kerala. Thus the flower market is always crowded. In this situation, the price of flowers was seen to have increased due to the shortage and the low supply yesterday. Jasmine, which sold for Rs 500 per kg last week, was sold for Rs 1,200 yesterday.

Similarly, Mulla, which sold for Rs 400 last week, sold for Rs 1200. Other flowers Price details (per kg) are as follows: – Lozhikondai – Rs 160, Kakkada – Rs 500, Arali – Rs 480, Small Button Rose – Rs 160, Lily were sold for Rs 100. Similarly, a rose bouquet with 15 flowers sells for Rs 160 and a wedding garland, which usually sells for Rs 2,000, costs up to Rs 4,000. The traders said: –

The supply of flowers to the market has been reduced due to the increase in the impact of snow. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Due to this the price of flowers in the flower market went up.

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