6th December 2021
  • 6th December 2021

Fresh norms for product packing!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 6th November 2021
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In its bid to empower consumers to make informed decisions before buying any packaged item, the government will implement new packaging norms from next April. The manufacturers will have to make additional declarations to MRP by mentioning the price of the commodity per unit, per kg of a litre for items weighing more than a kg or litre; and per gram or millilitre (ml) for items of less than one kg or a litre. There will be similar norms for the items measured in metres and centimetres.

The Amended Legal Metrology rules also remove “specified quantities ” norms for packaging 19 types of items including milk, tea, biscuits, edible oil, atta, soft drinks and drinking water, baby food, pulses and cereals, cement bag, bread and detergents. So there will be no such government-mandated specifications on quantities and with this, the manufacturers will have full freedom to decide the quantities of all packaged items they sell in the market.

In the current regime, the manufacturers have to mention the month or date of import or pre-packaging. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs said that the quality of the product is determined from the date of its manufacturing. The Ministry has notified the changes in the rules.

These two major changes give more choices to the customers and at the same time ease of doing business for the manufacturers dealing with these items. Once the packaged items are made available in all quantities, the customers will be able to choose the product as per their requirements. They will not have to buy things in large quantities under compulsion. Similarly, companies will also be able to bring more options. But to protect the rights of the customers, a provision has been added to declare the prices in the units, such as kilogram, gram, litre, millilitre, meter and centimetre.

These new rules will help to strengthen the manufacturer-consumer relationship and seems to create a hassle-free shopping experience for the people.



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