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God’s own country faces His fury

God’s own country faces His fury


Kerala is in trouble as the Northeast monsoon gains momentum across the state. Incessant rains followed by landslides have left the government machinery and the volunteers restless.

The dreadful visuals of a house being washed away, a father and son clinging onto the sides of a bus before being saved and bodies being dug out and carried away will surely leave us sleepless.

Both the Central and State government authorities are in full swing, things will soon be back to normal, but not before leaving many innocent people homeless and helpless.

Heavy rains and landslides threatening Kerala in August and September have become commonplace in the last 4 years or so.

What you can do?

If you can’t stand nature’s fury, just evade it. Mark danger prone areas of disaster and evacuate people from there.

Take measures to build houses in such a way that they withstand landslides, as Japan has done to thwart the effects of Tsunami and earthquakes.
Interlinking of rivers across the country needs an impetus.

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But the most important of all is to
Never stand in nature’s way, for when it’s obstructed it leads to destruction.

Indhumathi. N

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