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Government bus stuck in the sewer before Coimbatore railway station

Government bus stuck in the sewer before Coimbatore railway station

Govt Bus, Railway station

A 24-hour drinking water project is underway on behalf of the Corporation of Coimbatore. For this purpose, giant drinking water pipes were installed from the Coimbatore Collector’s Office to Lanka Corner via the railway station road.

For this, a ditch was dug in the middle of the road and pipes were laid. The trench was closed as subsequent works were completed. Vehicles were subsequently left that way. In this situation, there was a blockage in the underground sewer pipe near the Coimbatore railway station and the sewage came out. That water stagnated on the road.

At this point, the Government Town bus departed from Coimbatore Gandhipuram to Sultanpet. When the bus came past the train station, it suddenly got stuck in a ditch where sewage was stagnant. The bus driver could not get out of the bus no matter how hard he tried.

All passengers on the bus were subsequently dropped off. The bus was later rescued from the abyss with the help of the public. Following this, the work of repairing the dilapidated road was started immediately. Thus the traffic on that route has been diverted.

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