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Government colleges in Coimbatore planned to enforce dress code

Government colleges in Coimbatore planned to enforce dress code

dress code

The head of the government’s art school on Saturday instructed teachers not to call or text students by phone and stop meeting them individually in staff rooms. The instructions come a day after police arrested a 42-year-old college faculty member for misbehaving with a female student.

Principal V Kalaiselvi said We have also decided to enforce a dress code for students to ensure such incidents do not recur. Students will be required to wear dupattas and teachers will have to ensure their adherence to the dress code.

Starting Monday, he said, students are not allowed to be on campus before and after class hours. Teachers should avoid calling students into staff rooms and all academic issues should be addressed in the classroom itself. In case of unavoidable circumstances, one student must accompany another while going to the staff room to meet a teacher.

Kalaiselvi said many department heads have stressed the importance of making students wear proper attire. Girls should not come to campus wearing leggings, jeans, and tight clothes. Boys are also not allowed to wear jeans on campus.

When asked if the dress code will demoralize female students, who are already victims, Kalaiselvi said there was nothing new and all the guidelines already existed for students of state universities. We’re just enforcing them now.

The dress code is not only a part of sexual harassment; But, it is considered as a precautionary measure.

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