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Grasshopper competes with dog in sniffing ability! Is it to Join the army?

Grasshopper competes with dog in sniffing ability! Is it to Join the army?


The United States is a country that focuses on modern inventions and research. There, scientists of Indian descent with incomparable expertise play a key role in the field of defense and research.The United States is developing cyborg locusts, equipped with state-of-the-art military engines such as the elite F-35 fifth-generation jets and much-sophisticated equipment.

The Pentagon’s 2016 research project is funded by the Naval Research Office. Researchers have found that locust beetles have the ability to distinguish odors from TNT (Trinitrotoluene) and other explosives.The study was published in the scientific journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X by the University of Washington Research Group. This finding would be very useful for the U.S. military.

Dogs are usually used to detect the presence of a bomb. If locusts are used instead, the biggest change will occur. It is also easy to send locusts that are very small in the distance. Therefore, research related to this has been actively carried out. For this, the locust will be fitted with an antenna with a sensor.

The electronic chip is attached and used to sniff the cyborg locust. To this end, locusts have the ability to consume explosive chemicals such as TNT, DNT, RDX, PEDN (TNT, DNT, RDX, PETN), and ammonium nitrate. As found in the review. They can do this in a second.

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