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Great Dying: Volcanoes erupt, destroying 90 percent of Earth’s life

Great Dying: Volcanoes erupt, destroying 90 percent of Earth’s life

Volcanoes erupt

Various studies and researches are being carried out in the world in an attempt to find the cause of the extinction of 90 percent of the earth’s organisms. In it, the results of a study conducted by the Chinese Scientific Institute have revealed that volcanic eruptions are the cause of mass destruction. To this end, copper deposits in the southern Chinese province of Sichuan were examined.

About 90 percent of life on Earth became extinct about 250,000 years ago. This event is called The Great Dying. According to scientists, the world’s species have become extinct due to the catastrophic climate change caused by the volcanic eruption.

Research by the Chinese Academy of Sciences has revealed that the catastrophic effects of climate change caused by volcanic eruptions have caused the Earth to overheat. For this, the fertile sediments of copper were examined. Research studies have revealed that the rocks there are covered with volcanic ash layers.

Rock ash in southern China’s Sichuan province has been found to be formed by eruptions of volcanic sulfur, or by the impact of volcanic eruptions on those rocks.

The first ‘Great Dying’ was generally associated with a massive volcanic eruption in Siberia. The CO₂ emission is believed to have caused the disaster. But research led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggests that the phenomenon was caused by a cooling effect.

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