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Greta: Introducing electric scooters at stunning prices with excellent features

Greta: Introducing electric scooters at stunning prices with excellent features

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Gujarat-based Greta Electric Scooters has launched four new electric scooters in the market. The company has introduced four types of electric scooters: Harper, Evespa, Clyde, and Harper ZX. Ex-showroom prices range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 92,000.

With these electric scooters, Greta has tried to make transportation cheaper and easier. Greta, an electric vehicle manufacturer, claims to be equipped with the latest technology in electric scooters. Greta has given each scooter a different styling and design.

These scooters are offered in different colors. For example, both the Harbor and the Harbor ZX are given a sporty look and a wide front. The area that distinguishes these two is the headlamp. In Harper, it is divided into two parts.

At the same time, the Harbor ZX has a single-unit headlamp. Both scooters have identical handlebar feet, rearview mirrors, and seats. Scooters have comfortable backrests for rear seat occupants.

Evespa is a Vintage Scooter. It’s like a petrol Vespa scooter. It features curved body panels and rounded rear mirrors with rounded headlamps. Clyde, the fourth scooter, is designed with today’s style and design.

All four e-scooters come with a 48V / 60V lithium-ion battery. These can run up to 100 km on a single charge. These scooters are given reversing mode, digital instrument cluster screen, keyless start, and anti-theft sensors.

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