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Health Alert! A virus more dangerous than the corona is coming

By Team YourCoimbatore on 24th October 2021
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The deadly corona epidemic has long been affecting the world. The virus, which was born in late 2019, has taken a strong form since March last year. It roamed the world for about two years and claimed millions of lives.

Many vaccines have now been developed to protect against the coronavirus, but the spread of the virus has not diminished. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. It has been reported that a dangerous virus is spreading from chickens and that eight highly dangerous viruses are growing on poultry farms, and reports that the spread of these viruses could be worse than the corona epidemic are disturbing.

You may recall that last year millions of chickens in Russia suddenly began to die. Those chickens had symptoms of bird flu. The flu spreads faster in humans than in corona. This type of bird flu has been named H5N8. A worker who worked in a factory became infected with H5N8. Subsequently, seven more workers at the same factory were exposed to the virus. They had very mild symptoms. They recovered after treatment. But 9 lakh chickens were destroyed to prevent this deadly virus. If these chickens had been released to the public, the spread of the virus could not have been controlled.

The WHO was notified of the outbreak of bird flu in chickens in Russia but at the time the WHO was immersed in efforts to control the severity of the corona. Meanwhile, Anna Popova, Consumer Adviser of the Russian Federation, the world’s leading consumer adviser, said scientists around the world should find a solution to the H5N8 virus as soon as possible.

Author: Logeshwaran J
Date: 24/10/2021

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