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Hijab row: Karnataka schools to reopen today; Section 144 imposed in Udupi

Hijab row: Karnataka schools to reopen today; Section 144 imposed in Udupi

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The Hijab row started in December end when a few students started coming to a government pre-university college in Udupi wearing Hijab. To protest against it, some Hindu students turned up wearing saffron scarves.

Amid the ongoing row over wearing ‘hijab’, the Karnataka government has decided to reopen all schools in the state up to class 10 after reviewing the situation.

However, the state government is yet to take a decision regarding the reopening of PUC’s, colleges, and universities. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai had on Sunday warned trouble makers of legal action in view of his decision to reopen schools up to class 10 from Monday.

“Our officers are observing messages that are put out on social media. They are also collecting information on their own. My first duty now is to see that schools and colleges are opened as early as possible and to create a cordial atmosphere for peaceful learning. The students must focus on examinations scheduled in March. Other things would be taken care of by investigative agencies,” he said.

Bommai said that high schools are reopening from Monday in the state and District Commissioners and school managements have been told to conduct peace meetings and classes will be held peacefully.

A decision will be taken on the reopening of colleges soon after ensuring all preparations are being made. “Colleges will function like before in a cordial atmosphere. Reopening schools and colleges is our first priority. I have sought a report from the education minister. Based on that, a decision would be taken,” he stated.

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