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Historic achievement! The plane landed in icy Antarctica

By Team YourCoimbatore on 26th November 2021
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Antarctica is a place that is always covered with snow. It is an inaccessible place to a common man. An airline has made history on this icy continent (Icy Continent). The Airbus A-340 made history when it landed in Antarctica. With no airport, where and how did the plane land? I have to say that the landing of the plane in Antarctica was more of an achievement than a historic event.

In Antarctica, it is impossible to see anything other than snow. The 290-passenger Airbus A-340 landed on an icy runway. Hi Fly, an airline working in the tourism sector, has made this possible. The Hi-Fly 801 passenger plane took off from Cape Town, South Africa on November 2. The plane reached Antarctica after a five-hour journey.

Antarctica is frozen all year round. Under such circumstances, preparing the runway here was also a big task. Previously, between 2019 and 2020, several tests were conducted. There is no airport in Antarctica, but there are many airstrips and runways. The Wolf Fang Runway in Antarctica is 3 km long and 60 m wide. The runway is a layer of airless snow. It is noteworthy that this working layer has a depth of 1.4 km.

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